This is my home, Andreas always says, when talking about the Boxwerk Munich. This is the place where he has been coaching since they opened in 2009. And it is still the place where he prepares his fighters. While being always gentle, there’s not a moment of doubt that Andreas is taking no nonsense in terms of training attitude. His training is set up on the believe that the best coaching is useless if it is not individually made for the fighter. Therefore, all of his training aspects are always geared towards the personality of the respective fighter. From the individual cardio training plan to the right strength-technique ratio to the mental preparation.

His protégés include not only competitive boxers, but also celebrities, such as bartender legend Charles Schumann and professional athletes from all sports.


Everybody has a plan, until they get hit. Damn, right Iron Mike. But having not a plan isn’t an option, as well. Coming up with the perfect balanced training set up, weeks before the fight, is the fundamental basis. Andreas is meticulous in his work. He combines the most modern training methods with the knowledge gained from over 35 years of boxing experience. Once one of his fighters said: the coach begins training for a fight that doesn’t even exist yet. And he knows the upcoming opponents better that they know themselves. Well summarized. Because he analyzes each and every detail.

So, there’s no such thing than fortuity. Because Andreas shares Ali’s believe: the fight is won or lost (…) in the gym. So, his fighters have a plan – even when they get hit. 


Introduced by the best cutman in fight sports – the legendary Jacob STITCH Duran, Andreas knows that taping is an art itself. And in this art you will never stop learning. So, he is refining his technique with every taping. Although the tapes are very individual, they all have two things in common: they are perfectly crafted for the athlete’s fists and adapted to his unique fight style. No matter if boxing or MMA, your hands are definitely in save hands.

And Andreas not only internalized the knowledge of STITCH, but also his winning mentality and attitude: give the fighter one more round.

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